As a consulting and contracting company Universal Contracting expedites your recovery from storm damage.

DISCOVERY – The inspection

Sometimes we are responding to a natural disaster like a hurricane or a straight-line wind storm. Other times we are inspecting roofs for hail damage or falling objects. In each case we approach the property from the viewpoint that if the storm left damaged property behind we are going to document the damage and provide reliable next-step information to insurance carriers and property owners so homes and businesses can be made whole again.

Our consulting services are anchored by the discovery-inspection work we do. Universal documents the obvious and explores the less obvious parts of your property for evidence of storm damage. Providing adjusters with color photo reports helps our clients prove their loss.

Our reports are written in plain terms with explanations when industry specific terms are necessary. Our consulting reports provide the information required by insurance carriers to validate the extent of the damage and the fair cost for that work based on industry accepted regional price lists like Xactimate.

In our reports you’ll are likely to see some or all of the following items.
Historical information about the property
Building construction type
Storm data from the weather services
Observations noted through careful observations
Photo-documented items with necessary annotations
Cause & Origin/Conclusion statement
Repair Recommendations
Line item estimating


Resolving insurance claims efficiently is one of the many important steps after a severe weather event. Rest assured when all the paperwork is done you can count on Universal Contracting to begin the work of rebuilding. Our goal, whether you are a business or a private client, is to get things back to normal for you as soon as possible.

Universal has the years of experience and the expertise required to properly evaluate the extent of your damages. Then all the work rebuild can be performed.


Severe storms bring with them revenue losses for Property Management Companies and Commercial Real Estate Developers along with private homeowners.
Board Members and HOA associations can get buried in the nightmare of managing repairs after a significant storm. At Universal our commitment to our client is the only constant; from discovery to resolution. Call us an we will put your team of experts in place and dedicate the time necessary to properly document your loss.